It all started with a bad product experience...

In the summer of 2015 my friend at the time had tried several beard care products and was dissatisfied with the quality he found. Many oils were thin, watery, and wouldn't absorb completely often leaving its residue on shirts and everything else. The scent was gone after just a couple hours, the oils had trouble creating a controlled look between trims with almost no weight to it, the shine was lackluster, and ultimately it wasn't softening or thickening his beard at all. 
With a background in natural body care I decided to help him get the beard care he deserved. With him as my test subject we were going to make something better, something that men actually want to smell like all day...
Groomed Goon oils are never watered down and incredibly thick. Huge 2oz bottles provide a medium to large beard with at least a months supply for half the cost of many other brands. It absorbs quickly mimicking the natural oils human skin and hair already produce, the shine is beautiful, and the scent lasts all day. Best of all it makes beards softer and fuller than ever. The oils are also great for dry skin, shave irritation, and new tattoos. Butters add hold and lock in nourishment even in the driest weather.
We offer more than just beard care. Vegan soaps that leave you feeling squeaky clean and are safe for use on hair. Shampoo and conditioners will leave your beard and hair feeling fresh, soft, and shiny. Body sprays are sure to please anyone that comes in close, and can even be used to freshen up a room or car. 
So when someone asks why Groomed Goon? I say because your beard deserves it. Thank you for choosing Groomed Goon for your beard and body care needs.
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